Copyright forum presentations now available online

For those who couldn't make it to this year's sell out Australian Digital Alliance copyright forum, all presentations and panel discussions are now available to view and download on YouTube. A big thank you must go to all of the speakers as well as our two keynotes, New Zealand District Court Judge David Harvey and Associate Professor Matthew Sag, for contributing to an insightful and diverse range of views on copyright reform spanning creators of content, commercial intermediaries, policy makers, museums, educators and economists.

The ADA is working hard this year to make sure a diversity of views are put forward on copyright reform for the internet age, in the context of the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) Inquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy and welcome your input. We're interested in copyright reform options that protect the legitimate interests and needs of creators while ensuring that the public interest in fair access to information and cultural output is preserved. We'll be making contributions to the ALRC Copyright Inquiry throughout 2013, in consultation with our members. To keep track of ADA activities, why not become a member or join our mailing list today!


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