ADA Copyright Forum 2018 - Presentations

Below you will find links to various slideshows and published reports featured at the ADA Copyright Forum 2018 - Flexible and Adaptable: the Future of Copyright.

Videos of these and other talks given during the day are available on our Youtube Channel.

Text, Lies and Stereotypes: Australia’s Copyright Reform Process
Professor Jill McKeough, University of Technology Sydney

The Reviews
Sam Ahlin, Director, Copyright Law Section, Department of Communications and the Arts

Fixing Copyright

Launch: Copyright in the digital age - An economic assessment of fair use in Australia
John O’Mahony, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics
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Marrakesh in Australia

Launch: Imagination Foregone - A Qualitative Study of the Reuse Practices of Australian Creators
Dr Kylie Pappalardo, Intellectual Property and Innovation Law Research Program, Queensland University of Technology
Jessica Stevens, Queensland University of Technology
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