Your Copyright Future Begins On 4 March 2001

The Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000 was signed into law by the Governor-General on 4 September 2000. It commences 6 months after that day, on 4 March 2001.

The new Digital Agenda Act is a major leap forward for Australian copyright. It will provide much-needed legal infrastructure for our burgeoning information economy.

The Australian Digital Alliance (ADA) today congratulated all those who were involved with the Act's long and sometimes difficult progress. 'We thank members of the Government, the ALP and the Democrats, as well as their staffers and numerous Government officers for their hard work and intelligence in getting to this stage.' Said Mr Nick Smith, Executive Officer of the Australian Digital Alliance.

The Act strikes a vital balance between the interests of copyright owners, copyright communicators such as Internet Service Providers, and copyright users such as schools, universities and libraries.

'We're heartened that this necessary balance between interests was so clearly recognised by all three major groups in Parliament: the Government, the ALP and the Democrats. This places a copyright regime which effectively balances strong copyright rights with fair exceptions at the heart of Australian public policy.' Said Mr Tom Cochrane, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Queensland University of Technology and ADA Director.

'This legislation will provide a strong boost for Australia's economy. It provides the certainty that our Internet Industries need to do their job. It grants strong new rights and protections to copyright owners so they can exploit their creations online. And it allow Australian students and researchers to access the world's storehouse of knowledge for their own education or for the benefit of Australian R&D. Everybody wins.' Said Mr Steve Heptonstall, Chair of the Australian Digital Alliance.

The ADA is a coalition of public and private sector interests formed to promote balanced copyright law and provide an effective voice for a public interest perspective in the copyright debate. ADA members include schools, universities, consumer groups, major cultural institutions, IT companies, scientific and other research organisations, libraries and individuals.

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