Flexible Copyright Exceptions

Australia 2020 submission: Education

Submission by the ADA to the Australia 2020 productivity agenda for education, skills, training, science and innovation. It recommends amendments to the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) to assist in access to information for students, with particular focus on an amendment to prevent the contracting out of copyright exceptions.

Australia 2020 Submission: creativity

ADA submission to the Australia 2020 Summit, Towards a creative Australia: the future of the arts, film and design. It recommends the adoption of a flexible provision in the Copyright Act that allows for transformative use of copyright works.

Copyright Amendment Bill 2006

Submission of the ADA regarding the Copyright Amendment Bill 2006, criticisng the Bill for its lack of flexibility, shortsightedness in the evolving digital world, complexity and lack of balance between the interests of users annd owners of copyright material.

Copyright Amendment (Technological Protection Measures) Bill 2006

Joint submission by the ADA and ALCC to the Attorney-General's Department regarding the Copyright Amendment (Technological Protection Measures) Bill 2006.

Position Statement: Proposed Copyright Reforms 2006

Position statement by the ADA regarding proposed copyright reforms following Australia's ratification of the Australian-US Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA). It advocates for new exceptions for libraries, schools and archives, new exceptions for private use, increased flexibility for digital industries and encourages the adoption of a "fair use" style provision.

Supplementary Comments: review of Technological Protection Measures Exceptions

Joint supplementary comments by the ADA and ALCC to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs in relation to the inquiry into technological protection measures exceptions.

Review of Technological Protection Measures Exceptions

Joint submission of the ADA and ALCC to the Copyright Law Review Committee recommending that Australia adopt technologically neutral exceptions to anti-circumvention laws to cover a range of legitimate activities.

Copyright Law and the Expansion of Fair Use

Joint submission of the ADA and ALCC to the Hon Phillip Ruddock MP, Attorney-General, regarding implementation of AUSFTA and the need to recognise an open ended defence for fair use.

Fair Dealing after the AUSFTA

Joint proposal of the ADA and ALCC to introduce a flexible fair use style provision into Australian copyright law. It aims to provide a legal framework within which Australian citizens are not disadvantaged relative to US citizens in the context of the FTA.

Submission to the Select Committee: Australia-US Free Trade Agreement

Submission of the ADA to the Senate Select Committee, opposing the ratification of AUSFTA.  It submits that obligations created by the FTA will result in substantial damage to Australia's creative and innovative potential by simultaneously restricting access to and raising the cost of access to knowledge.


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