Online innovation

Australia 2020 Submission: Economy

Submission of the ADA to the Australia 2020 Summit regarding the future of the Australian economy. It recommends the adoption of a "fair use" style provision and expansion of the safe harbour regime to encourage digital innovation.

Review of Australian Privacy Law

Submission by the Australian Digital Alliance to Australian Law Reform Commission Discussion Paper 72, Review of Australian Privacy Law. It cautions against the collection of personal information by rightsholder organisations to pursue allegations of copyright infringement, and urges balance between copyright infringement concerns and the respect for privacy.

Copyright Infringement Notice Scheme Guidelines

Joint submission of the ADA and ALCC to Attorney-General's Department regarding their Draft Copyright Infringement Notice Scheme Guidelines.

Copyright Amendment (Computer Programs) Bill 199

Submission of the ADA to the Intellectual Property Branch, Attorney-General's Department, on the draft Copyright Amendment (Computer Programs) Bill 1999.


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