TPPA: leaked language on exceptions and limitations

Last Friday saw the latest in a trickle of leaks of the negotiating text from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. The subject of the latest leak is the proposed language on limitations and exceptions in the controversial intellectual property chapter of the agreement.

A big week in copyright (and acronyms); ALRC, TPMs, ACTA, and TPPA

This past week has been a huge week for copyright, in Australia and internationally. Domestically, late Friday afternoon saw the release of both the finalised terms of reference for the ALRC’s inquiry into copyright exceptions, and the Attorney General’s review of TPMs.

ACTA slammed by Australian Parliamentary Committee

Yesterday the Australian Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) presented Parliament with a damning report into Australia’s negotiation of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The Committee, comprising members from both houses of Parliament, was unanimous in recommending against Australia’s ratification of ACTA (for now).

TPPA update: leaked investment chapter, Mexico and Canada join the party

In an intriguing follow-up to last year’s leaking of the draft TPPA intellectual property chapter, last week the negotiating text of the controversial TPPA investment chapter was leaked to the public by Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. The leaked provisions require states party to the agreement to provide a wide range of privileges to overseas investors. These include;

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